Although disability life insurance covers ourselves and our loved ones during good and bad times, it can be a very dry subject. We have therefore compiled a quick list to make understanding disability life insurance easier.

Disability Life Insurance Tip #1

Buy Only What You Need: Make sure you have enough coverage if you ever have to make a claim. And be sure to keep policies up to date with any salary increases you get.

Disability Life Insurance Tip #2

Increase your waiting period: The waiting period is the time you have to wait to make a claim. The longer you wait, the lower the cost of your premium.

Disability Life Insurance Tip #3

Work With The Same Company: If you need to change the company you are with, do so before your policy expires but beware of the cost. Your disability life insurance policy is a contract between the carrier and you for a specified period of time. Changes in the policy may come with penalties.

Disability Life Insurance Tip #4

Shop For Policies: With all the disability life insurance companies online, it is reasonably simple to compare premiums.

Disability Life Insurance Tip #5

Compare Apples With Apples: When comparing disability life insurance policies, be careful as they have different definitions of disability for each illness. Make sure you specify the same amount of coverage for both so you can make a level comparison.

Disability Life Insurance Tip # 6

Different disability life insurance companies have different classifications for the same occupation. For example company, A might rate someone who works with electricity as a higher risk than company B. So this is something you need to know.

Disability Life Insurance Tip #7

It is better to go to the well-known disability life companies as they have a deeper knowledge of risk and should therefore be able to give you the best rate.

Buying Disability Life Insurance Makes Sense

Financial planning is necessary to make sure you have enough life insurance and disability life insurance to protect your income. It may not be a topic that everyone finds interesting, but if an emergency arises, you will be glad you took the time to get some good disability life insurance.

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