Money, financial success, prosperity, abundance, all terms describing an area of life that is almost an obsession in modern society. It can also be of great concern to those pursuing self-development, self-actualization, or various paths of self-help. This article is to briefly touch on a few key points concerning this area of self-development and hopefully give some direction to those wishing to pursue this further.

First, one of the characteristics of money relevant to today’s article, is that money is a multiplier. In other words, whatever your current overall condition of being is if you suddenly have more money that condition will be amplified. If you are generally happy and handling your life positively, more money will help you in that direction. If you are unhappy, neurotic, or otherwise dysfunctional, more money will also help you in that direction. This is why there are happy, well-adjusted poor people and also the click of the miserable rich person. Which person is really rich or poor? As a popular music group, the Beatles sang Can’t Buy Me, Love. This shows us that the environment we create from what is inside us is a more powerful creator of our condition of reality than money!

Many of us are concerned about the lack of money. What can we say about this popular topic? Those who are working on dealing with this issue may want to check whether they have ever asked to specifically improve their financial condition. Who or what to ask is beyond the scope of this article, but the point needs to be noted.

Another area regarding the lack of money can be described as abundance blockers. It is not uncommon for a person to be double-minded about money issues. While they consciously profess a desire to improve their financial condition, a part of the person, usually subconsciously, works against that desire. Financial success may be associated with such negatives as excessive work, less family time, more responsibility, shallowness, lack of spirituality, or hurting the people around you. Attitudes expressed by family members about finances, that you may not even agree with, maybe unconsciously influencing your behavior with little awareness on your part. Various techniques to identify and remove such blockages can be sought out by the individual wishing to advance in this area or others. Some individuals can identify a life cycle that they have repeated multiple times. A typical cycle involves an individual advancing financially or in other ways and then suddenly falling back to prior levels due to unconscious blockages or scripts they are acting out.

Another aspect of this subject to be aware of is the idea of financial freedom. Better finances are supposed to give you more freedom in life. Perhaps more freedom is not best for you at this time. Perhaps a lesser degree of freedom would help you to develop considerably beyond where you would be if you had financial freedom now. Something else to consider

This article has attempted to reveal and review some relevant issues involved in bringing more money into your life and improving your finances. 

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