Self-confidence and making money go together. Have you ever met a person with very low self-confidence making lots of money? No, because unless someone is confident about themselves they cannot make money. Do you wish to make lots of money? Increase your self-confidence with these easy steps.

Forgive yourself every night for all the blunders you make during the day. Do not criticize yourself. Instead, analyze your mistakes and find out what went wrong in a surgical manner. Do not involve any emotions. Analyze and find out how to correct things next time.’

Read books written by good authors. Write down the passages that you like. By writing, you develop hand and mind coordination and the mind remembers the text more easily. Write down and paste the paper around the place you sit most.

Thank god and everybody else for any favor done to you. The attitude of gratitude is very important in life. When we express our thanks, we feel good. This feeling increases our confidence. Try it once, and you will realize the relaxation and energy you feel.

Keep negative people away from you. There are many people who enjoy criticizing others. They try to put their friends down. Keep away from such people because they will take away your self-confidence. Keep the company of those people who add to your confidence. Be with them who praise you for your achievements and qualities. They will add to your confidence.

Forget failures as soon as possible and remember your successes. Remembering failure makes us negative. Avoid that. Remember your good qualities and achievements. Thinking of failures makes us feel bad. That changes our thinking. Thinking of the smallest success makes us feel happy and adds to our confidence.

Help others whenever you get an opportunity. The smallest help will make you feel good. That will make you feel worthy and increase your self-esteem. Good luck.

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