Whatever it is you want, get ready for it. Make a place for it in your life. Get comfortable with the idea of having it. With preparation, it is summoned to come to be.

We can wish all we want for what we want. We can dream, we can hope, we can pray. Anyone can do that, we all do that, so what? It won’t just work like that unless you show that you are serious. You’ve got to prepare. Preparation turns uncertain into the inevitable.

Believe in magic, it happens all the time. We manifest what we want through the ritual of preparation. Toil in the expectation of change and change will come about. The work you do will have a way of removing doubt. Doing and acting out can transform your unconscious, and you’re conscious, in essence transforming your life.

Your mind sees yourself doing something in preparation for something and gets convinced that something is something that will definitely be. It is real, it is coming, and you are making it happen.

Put in the work, put in the time, and especially put in the passion. If you feel it, then you can have fun with it and the ball will really start rolling. You can let it control you as if you’ve surrendered. Go ahead! It is what you wanted anyway!

Preparation could be playing, learning, practicing, growing, developing skills, acquiring objects and tools, investing, building relationships, creating strategies, planning inventions, giving attention, making observations, discovering how to use your unique qualities.

Remember you’re always walking some path, whether you like it or not.

With preparation, there is no apprehension, no fear, no wondering what is going to happen. Don’t lament over a faraway desire. Prepare! You are then taking steps toward the desire. Additionally, your desire is making way toward you. ‘Tis the operation of magic, run with it!

Focus your attention and energy on your desire goal.

It matters not that you have not what you want right now. You know you want it, you only need to be patient, prepare, and know you will get it with persistence. Preparation is positive attraction energy. It is getting yourself ready. A doing on the road to being. Are you making room for being? Are you making preparation? Are you making magic?

Remember the formula for success: get to know exaclty what you want, keep it in your sight, go for it until you get it.

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