Knowing what you really want out of life is a major key to success, after all, achieving your dreams in life is the greatest success you can have! If you don’t know what you want out of life you can end up wasting it chasing the wrong things until you wake up one day and realize that it’s too late to get out of the rut you’re stuck in!

Set aside a few minutes now in a quiet place with a pen and a piece of paper to go through the exercise in this article. You will find that you are much clearer about what you want from your life

The Whole You Must Get Involved!

To discover your life dreams you want to concentrate on more than the obvious signs of success money, possessions, and your position in your company or society. Your life dreams have to be for your whole life. Relationships. Family. Contributions you have made to your community and to the world have to be in there too. And you don’t want to miss out on all those things of personal significance that give you joy.

To make sure that you uncover all your dreams, you will have to use both sides of your brain the emotional right brain and logical left brain in this exercise. As you read on, image yourself in the situation, not just physically, but also your feelings and emotions as the story unfolds

Unleash Your Imagination To Find Your Life Goals

Imagine you are going to a funeral for a very close friend or relative. Have you ever had to do this? Remember, or imagine what it is like, how it feels You feel sad at the loss of your friend, sad at the thought you will never see them again, sympathy for other mourners, deeply affected by this loss

Then you look around the room at the hundreds of mourners attending this funeral, and you get some positive feelings about your friend’s life, a life well-led, a life of great significance that touched all the people in the room in so many positive ways. There’s a muted buzz of conversation, little groups of people talking. You go up to look at the body in the casket, and you get a sudden shock of recognition

It’s you!! This is YOUR funeral!!! You are floating around the room like a ghost. Then you realize that you can go anywhere, listen to anyone completely unnoticed. You float over to a small group talking about you, they remembered. A friend, a close family member, someone who knew you at work, someone from your community. What would you want them to say about you? Imagine, think about your wildest dreams, your biggest ambitions, what do you really want to be! Don’t let your present circumstances constrain you, you are trying to find your life’s purpose here.

Write Down Your Life Goals

Close your eyes, think about this imaginary conversation. Each person will remember a different aspect of your life you as a spouse or parent, as a friend, like a co-worker or boss, as someone who made a difference in the community. You can have more people join if you want to think about other aspects of your life

Write down what they will talk about, who you were to them, what you achieved in your life. You aren’t writing short-term goals here, this is the big picture of your whole life.

When you’re finished writing down everything that’s said in this imaginary conversation, take a minute or two to look at what you’ve written. Re-arrange it into a series of statements about you as a relative, a friend, in your place of work, as a member of your community. You should find that you’re much closer to understanding your life dreams and some of your deepest fundamental values.

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